Ageism-Just too Young!

Ageism is discrimination based on age. This has been somewhat accepted by society against elders. But is the youth also victim to age discrimination? When we were younger, we would discriminate against the elders. Actually even now that we’re older, some of use continue to discriminate. It seems almost acceptable to treat our elders differently.

Anti-Age Time

Does it feel like the last 10 years flew by as if it were just one year? What happened?! Literally, what actually happened?

Free Anti-Age Remedy: Mind Over Matter

The reality of what you feel, see, and think are controlled by you…or rather your brain. Repeated thoughts tend to influence our perception. If we always keep feeding our brains with thoughts of getting older, than we may in fact start acting, feeling, and even looking that way!

Increase your network-make eye contact

Did we make more eye contact as kids? It seems that kids make more eye contact with everyone — indiscriminate of age, gender, or any other aspect. Maybe that’s why they can increase they network, oh, I mean friends.