Anti-age your face with Omega-3 fatty acid

Consuming Omega 3 helps reduce wrinkles. How about applying this stinky oily supplement on your face?!

Omega-3 Supplements, put in small glass

Put some stinky fish oil on your face!

I had tonnes of fish oil supplements on-hand before heading out to a natural path, who suggested alternate brands with more effective ratio of EPA to DHA; as a side: I’m not even going try to claim which is the best ratio, as your doctor may advise what’s better for unique you. So, what am I supposed to do with all my ‘useless’ omega supplements. I like using things to the end — without the guilt of throwing it out, or worse the clutter of just having it around.  And I won’t be giving it away; if not good for me, not good for anyone! So why not put it on my face?

We’re aware that ingesting can help wrinkles, but externally on your skin?

Had some doubts about any benefits by applying EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), found in many oils, including fish oil, on skin. Then found a study by Oregon State University`s Linus Pauling Institute`s Micronutrient Information Center, summarizing that:

“Topical application of oil is an effective means of delivering EFAs to the skin and, eventually, to the rest of body. Because a significant portion of ingested EFAs may be oxidized by the liver (up to 60% of ALA and 20% of LA (37)) before reaching peripheral tissues, topical application may be a more efficient route of delivery for skin effects” Essential Fatty Acids and Skin Health

Looked into this further, and looks like it’s super good for wrinkles, by helping retain moisture and collagen production. As an added bonus, as with others oils, Omega-3 also helps your skin absorb drying anti-aging products (eg, retinol, vitamin C, glycolic acids),. Yippy!!

Fish oil on your skin absolutely stinks. Avoid a smelly cabinet by putting the pills, especially once opened, in a small glass container. And on your face, mask the smell. Put a nicer smelling cream over top. Use a cream that’s also beneficial to your skin.

Yeah, you may look a bit greasy, but so what. In a way, just makes you look vibrant like you’re living in the tropics all year!

DdC Greasy Face

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