Anti-Ageing Spice – Turmeric

What do you do with spices you don’t use that often? Well, for Turmeric — use as an anti-ager!


Turmeric as an anti-ager

I like using things to the end and don’t like clutter of things that I don’t use. I’ve had Turmeric in my spice rack for so long. Don’t even remember if it was ever used, or why I even bought it. But there it is. Thought, could this be beneficial in some other way? Googled It … and … lots of results on Turmeric as an anti-ager.

The top results returned the article: “Stay Young With Turmeric – World’s Best Anti-Aging Agent! ”. A very inspiring article, but given its source,, is dedicated solely to turmeric, I was skeptical . So I looked further… a lot of research supporting Turmeric’s longevity benefits. I should not have doubted this source, as some of the studies I found are included in the article.

Turmeric Benefits

Below are some of the research supported benefits summarized in Stay Young With Turmeric – World’s Best Anti-Aging Agent!:

Turmeric Properties: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, benefits:




Musculoskeletal system

Varying Diseases

Source: “Stay Young With Turmeric – World’s Best Anti-Aging Agent!

Great! Now I just have to cook. Cook? Realistically though, how often would I use Turmeric, given that I don’t recall using it before. Although the article’s source has recipes, how often would I include this spice; despite my new found anti-ageing info? I really want to incorporate turmeric’s benefits daily.

Aha! I can sprinkle over my food! As a spice, it’s smell and taste seems subtle; it won’t overpower the flavour of your meals. I even put Turmeric on my breakfast of blueberries, avocado, banana, and yoghurt in above image. I combine with cinnamon, which masks most of its’ smell and taste. Plus, I just love cinnamon.

Ddc-Breakfast with Turmeric

Turmeric Dosage

I have a tendency of overdosing on any good-for-your-health stuff. But on a couple of occasions had some pretty bad side effects, especially with oregano oil; will leave that topic for another blog. So now I pay attention to the recommended dose; I’m learning, I’m learning. Although there weren’t significant side-effects presented in article, as with anything we ingest, moderation is key to beneficial gains. 1 tsp a day is recommended. But also see article for more detailed suggestions for differing forms of turmeric.


Stay Young With Turmeric – World’s Best Anti-Aging Agent!


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