How to avoid the crisis in midlife

So, if you’re 40, and you live to 80 (average for USA/Canada), then I guess 40 is midlife. Mid-life? As in midlife Crisis?!

The road ahead maybe smoother than the road you were on.
The road ahead may be longer, than the road you were on.

So, if you’re 40, and you live to 80 (average for USA/Canada), then I guess 40 is midlife. Mid-life? As in midlife Crisis?! Me no like those words 🙁 Too many bad associations, namely the so-called crisis. And when I looked into mid-life crisis, more upsetting that I imagined.

I say, instead of thinking of 40 as mid-life, think that you’re just starting from zero-years-old. Which in a way you are. Think about it.

From zero-age, until now is 40. So then, from 40 to 80, well that’s 40 years all over again. A new 40 years. You have all the time that you lived through up to this moment (40 years). And AT LEAST another 40 years to live through again. Yippy!!

Think of this time as a new life. How about saying that you’re going through a ‘new-life-chance’ versus a ‘mid-life-crisis’? They say when we say ‘negative’ words, as in negative self-talk, then we may also feel negative. So re-frame your thoughts for what 40+ really is: a beginning, not half-way to the end ‘crisis’.

Plus, you are so much smarter now than 40 years ago! Ok, maybe you were smarter 40 years ago, but how much do you remember as baby you?

You know all those times, you’d say “I wish I could go back, I would do things differently”? Well, this is that time!

And yes, you may feel you’ve done so much damage to this point. But now you are able to get more info, thanks to the web. There are so many ways to even reverse the effects of ageing. So you may live to so much longer than 80 years — so get on it! (I am yelling at me, I need these reminders)

Oh, and given that at least 100 people are more than 110 years old, at 40 you’re technically only at 1/3rd life, not mid at all!

As stress can age you, don’t stress and make the 40+ age a crisis. But if you feel it, try adjusting your perspective and embrace zero-years-old. See it as a refreshing wake-up-and-make-the-new-life-chance-era. Mind you, if the word ‘crisis’ gets you moving, than guess this hard-love self-talk, maybe a better motivator.

Get stoked about this!!! You made it this far with less knowledge. Imagine how much better you can live for the next 40+++ years!

Ddc – 40+++

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