Can your skin look better after drinking…alcohol?

The more we drank in our 20s, the better we looked in mirrors. The more we drink now…well, now the mirrors LIE!

the-age-less mirrorIt seems that as we age our skin shows damage quicker, and that damage takes longer to reverse, or remains damaged…argh, that really sucks!  And when it comes to drinking alcohol and our skin, it seems the damage is instantly apparent on our face with every drink.

In our twenty’s the mirrors were our friends. With every drink, we seemed to look better and better. No, seriously, we’d look so much better at the end of our drinking expedition, than the start of the night. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e got better looking, and we looked super-hot with every visit to the bathroom. The mirrors in those bathrooms back then didn’t lie. Our cheeks, and lips just seemed to exude health, all blushed up. Looking at the mirror was ALWAYS a nicer experience than when we first arrived at a bar/club. Damb we looked hot!

But not anymore. WHAT HAPPENED?! Even half a drink now practically cracks the mirror, but does nothing for the buzz. What the hell?! Are mirrors these days just lying? What kind of warped plot is this? Perhaps the clubs and bars are being more responsible these days by putting up mirrors that automatically adjust throughout the night. What do they call it? AFDM “Auto-face-damaging mirrors”?! Are these mirrors a way to lessen how many drinks we have? Or is it the opposite intention, that we drink more. Is the rationale that the worse we look, the more we’ll drink to drown out the disturbance of what we see in those stupid mirrors? Genius marketing!

But then we looked even more dread when got home in front of our own mirrors!  Now-a-days we simply look worse with every drink .

Do we always have to drink when we go out? Not really, we can still fun without the drinks. Alcohol is expensive anyways; so win-win.

Are we supposed to now stop drinking? If we can, sure, why not? The ‘why not’ is that we enjoy it. It’s fun! Drinking can make us feel alive, uninhibited. In our minds we become:

  • better dancers (remember, this is in our own minds)
  • better conversationalists (ok, some of us, some of us just get stupider)
  • better everything (except for driving, just don’t do that).
  • Oh, and, drinking can make us feel young!

So what to do?

Drink Water At 20-something, we may have only drank water at the end of the night, more out of necessity, to coooool our dizziness down. But at our age, start drinking more water before you go out drinking, and with every alcoholic drink. Chase some water with every drink; ideally one drink and at least half a glass of water. Ya, this will lead to frequent bathroom breaks, and more long stares in the mirror, which in and of itself can prevent us from having the next few drinks (thanks to those “auto-face-drooping mirrors”).

Added bonus: practically no hangover the next day. And as we’re not as wasted, we may also make the decision to leave earlier: which increases our beauty sleep and a better start to the next day (that sounds oh so lame, but still).

Better drink options Make better decisions on your alcoholic beverages. Avoid mixed drinks with sugar, as sugar is a serious contributor to wrinkles.  Clear Shots like Gin, Vodka, and the get-faster-drunk Tequila, are ideal. Plus, shots are less liquid, so you can down more water, and lessen trips to those dreaded mirrors.  Also avoid drinks that typically have salt, like Margaritas and beer, however in both cases, you may just crave water anyways, so may not be so bad.

If you’re going to drink, be respectful of your skin. Drink responsibly.

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