Is White hair the new Blonde?

Gone are the days of masking our greying hair. Be glorious in your white-crown Be unique, be cool, be real, be beautiful.

the silver lining
DdC-the silver lining

Wouldn’t white hair just be a shade lighter than platinum blonde?

Gray/white hair is one of the ‘signs’ of ageing — let`s just say Silver instead of grey, much grander. Anyways,  I’m guessing that’s probably why dying our hair is so popular, beyond the ‘fun-to-have’ colours. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the differences in colours that are gaining more acceptance, beyond the ‘punk’ rock scene of the 80s.  The differences are definitely eye-catching and intriguing. I wish I had the guts to do blue.

However, when normal colour dying is used to cover the white, the differences are chemically masked by normy colours that humans are born with.

But white is soooo cool, and soooo beautiful. When I grow up I want my hair to be like Storm on X-men. I know it won’t be that overnight, so the silvering stage will be the time that really differentiates me from the pack. As will your silvering —  no one greys in the same patterns.

Would be cool to go Silver like Stacy London, but that’s her signature, her difference, her beauty. And does she look old? Me thinks not. Neither does Anderson Cooper.

Oh! And even the youth are even dyeing their hair Silver…Rihanna, you go girl!

And, I’m not going to claim that it’s cool, oh wait, I already did. I love how Yagana Shah on Huffington Post stated that gray hair is “a badge of beauty rather than a dreaded part of aging “1.  Seems that there’s a trend to actually dye your hair silver! Yaay!

Also, similar to blonde, silver hair grabs attention – draws your eyes to the ‘light’`. Isn’t that the appeal of blonde hair, platinum blonde? Unlike platinum blonde, it doesn’t carry the stigma of ditsy (however, this is an awesome weapon, look dumb, and act like a smarty pants!).

The silver and white are signs of wisdom. Like a majestic crown that only elderly wise ones have. Ok, seems like Rihanna has that too, it`s all good. She’s not elderly, but may be wise — wise enough to go silver!

Now go out and show off your crown!

1) (Shah, Yagana. "6 Reasons Gray Hair Is White Hot Again." The Huffington Post.,  03/04/2015 07:02 am ET | Updated Dec 01, 2015. Web. 19 Oct. 2016. its a badge of beauty rather than a dreaded part of aging)


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